Lumps & Bumps

Aside from the cosmetic deformity, common lumps and bumps can be painful and often tend to enlarge over time. Although not every lump and bump represents a serious medical condition, it is best to have these types of abnormalities seen and evaluated by a Board certified physician. Lumps and bumps can usually be divided into two broad categories. Lesions that involve the skin and skin structures, and those that involve the tissues beneath the skin called the subcutaneous connective tissues. Sometimes, certain types of lesions can involve both the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissues.

Lesions on the skin surface that appear and persist for more than 6-8 weeks need to be seen and evaluated by a board certified medical doctor to exclude the possibility of skin cancer. Likewise, moles that have been there for a long time but which suddenly change color or begin to enlarge should be evaluated. Other characteristics of skin cancer include persistent itching at the site, and occasionally scabbing and bleeding that occurs in cycles. The most definitive way of evaluating these types of lesions is by getting a surgical biopsy, which in many instances, can be done right in the doctor’s office using local anesthesia.

Lumps and bumps which involve the tissues under the skin are known as connective tissue masses or neoplasms. These types of lesions are usually benign, but on some occasions, can represent a soft tissue cancer. Again, if these types of lesions are enlarging over time, beginning to involve the overlying skin or if they become fixed to the deeper tissues, they need to be evaluated by a doctor.

Thankfully, most of these lumps and bumps are benign. However, if these types of lumps and bumps cause pain or infection or interfere with activities such as brushing your hair, they should be surgically removed. These procedures, although relatively simple, are usually done in an outpatient surgery center. This allows for mild sedation by a Board certified anesthesiologist and offers the sophistication of a fully staffed operating room, maximizing patient convenience, comfort and safety. The team at Winter Park Surgical Associates can help determine the right course of treatment for you.